5 Things I love About Virginia Beach

The blue, cool waters of the Atlantic. Art appreciation downtown. Pirates! There’s so much to love about Virginia Beach.

When you’re travelling to the area, there’s a good chance you’ll visit some of the better known tourist attractions in the area. The Virginia Aquarium, for example, draws thousands of tourists each year. It’s true – there are hundreds of reasons to visit Virginia Beach on a family vacation or for a weekend getaway.

But there’s much more to Virginia Beach than just tourist attractions and boardwalks. Here are 5 things to love about Virginia Beach that just might convince you to stay.

1. Virginia Beach is Pristine

If you’ve visited other beaches, particularly those with busy boardwalks, you may have been turned off by the trash. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Virginia Beach, year-round. And more than a few of them leave trash behind. Virginia Beach Public Works has it covered. The streets and the beaches are regularly swept, and you’ll be amazed at how clean the sandy beaches are. You’d never know it’s such a popular destination – at times, the beaches look almost untouched!

2. Virginia Beach has Great Food

Virginia Beach is hugely culturally diverse. The town is home to people who have lived here their whole lives, of course. But it also attracts newcomers from all points on the globe. The result is a melting pot of some of the most delicious food you’ve ever tasted.

Experience this for yourself when you walk the boardwalk or the downtown district. The aroma of the different cuisines alone are enough to make any visitor want to stay. Check out Nomarama's facebook

page for the hottest new cuisine around.

3. Virginia Beach is an Outdoor Lover’s  Dream

Of course, Virginia Beach boasts some of the cleanest beaches in the country. But we’ve also got incredible wooded areas, where you’ll spot deer ad other wildlife. Visit the water, and be sure to bring your binoculars. It’s not uncommon to see dolphin in the water.

We’ve got hiking, biking, camping and some of the best rockfish angling on the East Coast. If you love the outdoors, you’ll feel right at home in Virginia Beach.