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Entrepreneurship in the Real Estate Industry after the Covid Pandemic

The real estate industry has faced many challenges in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, but it has also opened up new opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses. Virgnia Beach real estate professional, Donavan McFadden & Roger Lee learned of one such opportunity during their Marching 2 More Podcast with special guest, Sacha Walton. There is a TEDx event, which is coming to Hampton Roads and being organized by Sacha Walten. TED is one of the biggest speaking platforms in the world and helps build credibility and visibility for speakers who want to grow their brand and reach a wider audience.

To participate in a TEDx event, speakers must apply and be vetted by Sacha and her team. The speaker's talk must align with the theme of the event and must be delivered within 8 minutes. The talk must be engaging, with a focus on storytelling, and must keep the audience captivated. Sacha is expecting to have ten speakers for the TEDx event in Hampton Roads, and the applications are currently being accepted.

Sacha is not new to the world of events and has been a part of large-scale events both in the local area and abroad. She has been part of events such as the Best of Canada, the Sunrise Music Festival, and a producer summit with Music Theory Studios. Due to the pandemic, events have scaled back, but Sacha is coming back and has a big event planned for 2023 in the Dominican Republic.

The event, called Real Estate Ladies Rock, is a big real estate conference and is open to anyone who wants to connect with real estate agents and broaden their scope of business. This includes mortgage lenders and anyone else in the real estate industry. The conference is being held from September 20th to the 24th in the Dominican Republic and is expected to attract over 50,000 real estate agents.

In conclusion, the real estate industry has faced numerous challenges since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, but it has also opened up new opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses. The TEDx event in Hampton Roads is one such opportunity, and Sacha Walter is leading the charge by bringing this event to the area and creating a positive impact.

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