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List Like This: Do’s & Don’ts to Selling Your Home

In the dynamic landscape of real estate, home sellers must approach the listing process with informed decisions and strategic actions. Your journey to selling your home shouldn't be daunting; instead, it should be a well-guided path towards success. Inspired by the insightful podcast episode "List Like This" from the Marching 2 More Real Estate team, let's delve into the dos and don'ts every home seller should consider in 2024.

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Do's 1) When preparing your home for listing, honesty is your best policy. Assess your property meticulously, considering factors like square footage, the number of bedrooms, and the overall condition of other properties within a 1-mile radius. This honesty sets a solid foundation for the entire selling process.

2) Correctly pricing your home is paramount. Our team advises you to choose the price based on market analysis, avoiding the pitfalls of overpricing which may lead to prolonged listing periods. Remember, the market dynamics play a crucial role; lower prices might be advised after the initial 14 to 18 days, which is the median days on the market in the Hampton Roads area. 3) Be accommodating with showing schedules, especially if your home is occupied.

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Restricting showing times to just a couple of hours a day could deter potential buyers. Allow your agent to showcase your home efficiently, understanding that Realtors are licensed professionals and fiduciaries who are incentivized to help you succeed.


 1) Overpricing can be detrimental. Homes left on the market for an extended period, around 30 days, may necessitate price reductions and could leave sellers covering additional costs, yielding minimal returns. Avoid this pitfall by pricing your home accurately from the start.

2) Transparency is key in the selling process. Concealing flaws can erode trust and jeopardize the transaction. Instead, provide comprehensive disclosures, including details about solar panels, water softeners, security systems, and any other pertinent information. This transparency ensures a smoother sailing experience for all parties involved.

In 2024, the real estate market remains vibrant, with a median listing period of approximately 18 days. Remember, the ideal time to invest is always yesterday. If not then, now is the second best time to invest without timing the market. The median buyer for Hampton Road’s, Virginia,  price stands at $320,000. This is an increase from the median sales price of $275,000 in just 2020, which underlines the robust demand in the market.

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Roger Lee & Donavan McFadden of the Marching 2 More Real Estate team extend our gratitude to both potential and past clients for entrusting us with their real estate endeavors. Your satisfaction and success are at the heart of everything we do

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