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Marching 2 More with New World Builders

Learn more about how to best work with contractors from one of the best in the Hampton Roads as, Avel Nunez, of New World Builders sits down with our favorite real estate pros, Donavan D. McFadden & Roger Lee, of the Marching 2 More team.

New World Construction started a little over 6 years ago when owner-operator, Avel, decided he wanted to start a business that would positively impact the community and build generational wealth for his family and the families of those he would employ. Avel, a New York native has worked in construction for about 25 years. Noticing the significant growth Virginia Beach has had year-over-year, he selected our beautiful coastal town to be the place where he would set roots and begin to build his empire. When he first came down to Hampton Roads he came as a worker. After only a year of working as a sub-contractor, he began his own company, New World painting handyman. Every year he has witnessed growth in his business which has largely been due in part to him gaining new licenses and classifications. Now a class A contractor licensed to build an entire home from the ground up, the business has begun rebranding itself. They have done away with New World Painting & Handyman and are now New World Builders. Avel and his team of 30+ employees go above and beyond to get the job done and leave an impression that has made their clients very happy. Avel explains this further in his own words, "... Customer service comes first because when you do good to the customer, they’ll always rehire you."

Entrepreneurship Rewards Risk

New World Builders are proud of the consistent growth they have seen each year. Barely breaking

even their first year, they have gone on to make $86,000 in their second year, followed by $350,000 in their third year. In the years leading up to the Covid pandemic, their business was doing well, however, they saw a huge boost in demand after the pandemic doing just about $2.5 million in business last year and are on pace to do more than $3.5 million of business in 2022.

What does New World Builders need to continue their success?

Avel explains that growing so much has forced him to stop working in the business so he can take a step back and work on the business as he analyzes the day-to-day operations to see how he can continually improve their systems. He believes he has grown so much because he took the time to focus on the company's structure and key contributors to its success.

He wants to keep growing his team and end the year of 2022 with 40 team members. Having the manpower to get his jobs done fast and in a workman-like manner has led to New World Builders receiving many great reviews. Some have come directly from the Marching 2 More team's clients themselves. We believe this is because as Avel states, “Let’s do this job with integrity. That keeps people happy... Our high praises come from doing the little things right like, keeping the job site clean, being willing to take on small fixes, and [our team] does the job quickly and effectively. "

How do you go in and give a fair estimate for a job?

All contractors must give estimates, but how do you give a fair estimate? Avel explains how customers choose him because their estimate is clear. He gives an itemized breakdown of the budget required and notes that he factors in any unforeseen issues that might arise during the

process of completing a job.

The hardest thing to get the customer to understand is the process. Each home is different and you never really know everything you will need until you begin working and rip back the walls to reveal the true scope of work.

How do contractors prefer to get paid?

New World Builders focuses on creating solutions for all of their clients' needs. With home buyers using a lot of their liquid assets to compete in this highly competitive housing market and inflation rising, the company understands that for most households cash is tight. This is why they recently obtained financing partners to assist their customers. Their company can now finance the work to be done by using their customer's credit scores. If they have a good credit score, they can likely get a great rate. Usually, financing is no interest for a year if you have a minimum credit score of 680 or higher.

How do contractors affect the greater community?

Virginia Beach is one of the fastest-growing places in the U.S. and as the population continues to increase the need for competent, trustworthy contractors is vital to sustaining our housing market and the overall economy.

How has the material cost been since the pandemic affected your industry?

Avel explains, "Materials have inflated pretty badly. The price of a window before the pandemic was about $150 per window and recently they put in an order for windows and it was about $280 per window. They tell their customers that they can't dictate the price if the materials to make repair their home continues going up as well. However, some items have remained relatively consistent, like the cost of flooring, roofing, and drywall.

What are you looking for?

All things considered, the contracting industry is alive and well. Avel shares that he is looking to hire qualified electricians, qualified plumbers, and guys with experience that just need work

If you would like to find out more or even talk to Avel, contact his company directly at or contact the Marching2More team. Want to hear more of this great conversation, check out the Marching 2 More Podcast @

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